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Empowering Women to Thrive

A-Sis is the women's empowerment arm of our foundation. This multi-faceted initiative uplifts women through women's marketplace, entrepreneur roundtables, and motherhood subsidies. By creating platforms for economic opportunity, business networking, financial relief, and continuing education - our goal is to empower women in reaching their full potential.


Women's Marketplace

Our in-person marketplaces showcase products and services from women-owned startups and small businesses, providing a springboard to jumpstart their ventures. 

Entrepreneur Roundtables

We host inspirational forums, panels, and talks bringing female founders together to learn, connect, and uplift one another's gifts, talents, and companies.

Motherhood Subsidies

Balancing livelihoods and providing for children isn't easy. We're dedicated to easing this burden for single mothers through:

  • Childcare Assistance

  • Healthcare Expense Coverage

  • Household Items Provision

  • Continuing Education Scholarships

Organizations We Proudly Partner With

Mentorship charity empowering at-risk high school girls through mental health counseling, financial literacy, and more. Based in Los Angeles.


Dallas-based nonprofit bettering communities through youth outreach programs, emergency relief for struggling households, and giving voice to victims of abuse.

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