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Impact13 Foundation empowers historically underserved communities facing socioeconomic hardships through initiatives that foster lasting positive change and inspire a future where their full potential can be realized.

Since its inception in December 2021, the Impact13 Foundation founded by athlete James Harden has steadfastly pursued a mission to empower the communities often overlooked. Our commitment involves fostering enduring change by equipping communities with the tools and resources needed for self-elevation.


At the core of each initiative lies our dedication to unlocking potential. By embracing our vision to engage, empower, and uplift, we aim to serve as a global beacon of hope and compassion. United, we believe in the collective power to effect lasting change.

Empowering Students Across America Through Financial Education

Our Financial Literacy Tour travels to high schools and colleges nationwide, leveraging interactive workshops, expert panels, and educational scholarships to equip students with money management knowledge critical for their futures.


In strategic partnership with Awoye Capital, over 700 scholarships have been distributed to-date - granting access to the  tour's curriculum of eCourses for continuing financial education beyond the sessions.

Revitalizing Communities Through Targeted Rehabilitation

R3STORE spearheads targeted revitalization projects breathing new life into beloved community spaces in underserved neighborhoods, including parks, rec centers, courts, playgrounds, schools, and libraries.

Over $493,000 has been invested to-date, restoring these communal corners and uplifting connections across 10+ communities globally. Our rehabilitation work helps to unlock their full potential.


Growing up in a rough neighborhood really shaped who I am today, it forged a lot of my strength and resilience. Seeing how hard my family worked made me want to go out and conquer life. 


My aspiration is to inspire others and create a lasting legacy that transcends generations. Leaving behind something meaningful, impactful, and enduring is what I envision for my legacy—a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the pursuit of a meaningful life.

—James Harden
Founder,  Impact13 Foundation



Since launching in December 2021, we have deployed over $2.6 million towards enriching youth, empowering women, unlocking potential, revitalizing public spaces, and filling critical needs — driving meaningful change worldwide.

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